Bearhawk Patrol Plans

     The plans are now included at no additional cost with the purchase of a full Quick Build kit for the Bearhawk or Patrol.
If less than a full QB kit is purchased, then the plans must be bought from R & B Aircraft (Bob Barrows).

The Patrol can be built from plans alone, built from a Quick Build kit made by Bearhawk Aircraft, or some combination of the above. According to Bob Barrows, the QB kit can save up to 70% or more of the time required to build.

    The price is $280 US for the Patrol plans, and can be paid with a money order, US personal check, Canadian Postal Money Order (US $), or international money order (US $).

    Foreign customers (except Canada) must pay an additional $15 US to cover the shipping. Please mail your payment to:
R&B Aircraft
2079 Breckinridge Mill Rd.
Fincastle, VA 24090

    Alternately, the plans can be purchased using PayPal for an additional $10.
Click on the link below to get a description of the plans or to purchase plans online.